The CornerStone Retaining Wall System is designed for use in either gravity retaining wall structures or mechanically stabilized, geogrid reinforced soil retaining structures. Applications range from low, lightly loaded gravity designed residential retaining walls to high (30 ft. or more), commercial and industrial geogrid reinforced structures. Whether the design is simple or complex, CornerStone walls retain their strength, while flexing under seismic loading, or in landscape applications such as curved walls, steps and terraces.

CornerStone's lug design, wedged shape and two-inch lateral allowance in the interlock, make it possible to design 90° and 45° inside or outside corners. Concave and convex curves flow with precision. Walls can be split and rejoined for planting beds. Stairs, with secure railings, can be effectively integrated into any hardscape design. When geosynthetic reinforcement is added, a CornerStone wall becomes a dependable, attractive system that can effectively stylize or promote the natural qualities of a site. CornerStone can be safely used in high-terraced walls, under difficult site conditions.

CornerStone can be used for gravity walls up to 6'-0" and reinforced walls up to 30'-0".

Retaining Wall Project View #1
100 Series Units - R-100 Unit

Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 18" (203 x 305 x 457 mm)
Coverage: 1 pc / ft2 (10.76 pcs / m2)

Also available in straight-sided units.

Khaki CornerStone
100 Series Caps - R-100 Cap

Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 18" (203 x 305 x 457 mm)
Coverage: 1.5 lineal ft. / pc. (0.457 lineal m. / pc.)
Natural Cornerstone
Yard is widened several feet by moving back the base of the slope from the original edge of lawn as shown.
Planting terrace between two 4' wall segments provides opportunity for planting to soften what would be an 8" wall without planting at the base and using valuable lawn space.
Walls curved softly and deadheaded into slope gives additional terraces for installing larger focal plants.